Our approach

Balancing risk
and opportunity

We offer a variety of management for a number of different events. This includings our tried and tested boxing events, weddings, family events, funerals, and conferences. We excel on providing high quality services as well as software, hardware, and staffing that’ll really raise your occasion to another level.

Boxing Events


Not only do we already put on multiple boxing shows per year across the country for multiple clubs and associations, we also managed every single element of the process. We have in-house equipment that allows us to capture high quality audio and video footage both live and recorded. We also source the staff, boxers, promoters, ringside, entertainers, and everything in between so you never have to worry about a single part of the show ever again.



Weddings are one of the best moments in anyone’s life, so why stress about keeping the memories when we can come and record them all for you! We can livestream, record, & photograph your wedding to ensure that you’ll have those memories right in the palm of your hand forever.

Family Events


Birthdays, large meals, or special occasions can be a perfect moment to capture your loved ones. Our professional photographers and videographers can ensure that moment will live on in the photos, video, & services we provide.



Funerals can act as a last goodbye for many, so it is important to reach people that may not be available on the day. By streaming or recording the funeral it can give solace to those who couldn’t be there. And act as a good way to mourn after the fact.



Whether it be business, art, or science. Conferences are great at giving a live talk on exciting topics. Turning your conference live with our equipment can mean thousands more people around the world have the opportunity to buy tickets and watch in the comfort of their own home. This is a great opportunity to scale your conference easily and affordably.